Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, booktube per usual


Summer reading, last minute details and purchases for our 3 month road trip


Honestly the bare minimum, attempting to eat all the food in our fridge, freezer, and cabinets before we move out at the end of July


Wixey’s donuts for my birthday at work, grilled cheese from Manhattan’s, Kroger donuts for out last day in our Holland apartment, Joe’s KC BBQ and ice cream at Silas and Maddy’s in Olathe, Kansas


Catawba Island Brewery (Port Clinton, OH), Brewery Becker (Brighton, MI), Boulevard Brewing Company Beer Hall (Kansas City, MO), Afterword Tavern and Shelves (Kansas City, MO), Causal Animal (Kansas City, MO), Boiler Brewing Company (Lincoln, NE), White Elm Brewing Company (Lincoln, NE), McKinney’s (Lincoln, NE)


Camping in Brighton, MI, St. Louis, MO, Kansas City, MO, Lincoln, NE


The absolute freedom and badass energy and vibes from quitting my toxic job in healthcare to travel the US


Summer and road trip TBR list


Physical and mental space from my work in healthcare


Disappointed by Riley Sager’s newest release Survive the Night, a little sad but mostly excited to wrap up work at my nursing homes, nervous about living on the road for 3 months, stressed about moving out and cleaning our apartment, to be 100% honest, also stressed about finances prepping for this trip, extremely frustrated by my company and their mismanagement of my retirement accounts, impressed by my own gusto and risk taking

Listening // Books + Podcasts

Listening // Music

Songs: Almost by Hozier, Breathe and This Kiss by Faith Hill, Breathe (2 AM) by Anna Nalick
Spotify Playlists: Rom Com Pop Hits as recommended via Tik Tok, Grand Teton by Parks Projects


The announcement of Alex Snodgrass’s second cookbook The Comfortable Kitchen, My 28th birthday, last day of work, the start of our “first retirement”


You are easily replaced in the eyes of management, everyone wishes they could do what we are doing, ya’ll just need to do it


Silicon bands, playing cards and dice for our road trip

Instagram Monthly Mood Board

Until next time, Meryn


Reading // I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown, The Guest List by Lucy Foley, Where to Begin by Cleo Wade, The Scent Keeper by Erica Bauermeister, Every Tool’s a Hammer by Adam Savage, The Shadows by Alex North, How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi, Educated by Tara Westover, and All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Planning // to postpone Grand Teton and Yellowstone trip for 2021, crossing fingers for an October road trip through up state New York to western Vermont with Kyle, intentional eating, movement, and reading in August

Watching // Officer Anthony Dia’s televised funeral , Cleveland Indian’s baseball (without fans), Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, beauty youtube, planner youtube, the most hilarious TikTok (trend) that literally makes me laugh every time I watch it (below)

Cooking // pork chops, butter steak with homemade butter mashed potatoes for my birthday dinner, fresh key lime pie, bacon kale and sweet potato egg cups

Eating // 10 whole30 days at the start of the month, Cinco De Mayo, Chief’s iced sugar cookies (birthday treat from boss), Dunkin’ donuts from my #1 wheelchair vendor, homegrown cherry tomatoes, chicken tacos and pulled pork sliders from Witch’s Hat Brewing Co. (South Lyons, MI)

Drinking // Biggby’s sweet foam caramel cold brew (10/10), Starbuck’s cold brew with cinnamon almond milk foam (3/10 bitter, not a fan), craft beer from Witch’s Hat

Crafting // update to gallery wall, silk flower bouquets for BFF’s wedding

Going // first time back to Target since March, bonfire at Kyle’s coworker’s in Gibbsonberg, Hoen’s Garden Center, neighborhood walks and bike rides

Loving // new air-purifying house plant – Crouton the croton, picking tomatoes from our tomato plant (birthday present from Kyle), surprise Folklore album drop by Taylor Swift, thriller book swap with BFF, finding sticky-love notes Kyle leaves me around our apartment

Dreaming // 100k net worth by 2021, home ownership with Kyle, of the upcoming fall season – so excited for pumpkin desserts, beautiful fall colors, crisp mornings, and fingers crossed for the return of Cleveland Brown’s football

Feeling // terrified as I witnessed an assault in Toledo and called 911, disgusting covered in sweat after treating a patient for 25 minutes, accomplished having read 15 books since the start of quarantine, confident in my beautiful and strong body, anxious during COVID-19 nasal swap (tested twice in July by the National Guard), uncertain for our upcoming presidential election (voter safety, voter suppression, USPS mail delays, Trump’s threat to delay election day)

Listening // Podcasts: Approachable, Live Free Creative (ep. 35 Family Traditions Through the Year), Just the Good Stuff with Rachel Mansfiled (ep. 1 Priscilla Tsai – CEO + Founder Of Cocokind), Middle Ground Podcast (ep. 4 Body Image Q&A), Cleo Wade’s audiobook Where to Begin, The Michelle Obama Podcast, Nutritional Freedom, The Financial Confessions

Listening // Spotify Playlists + Music: All Out 00s, This is Bo Burnham, Today’s Top Hits, This is Bleachers, This is Taylor Swift, Folklore by Taylor Swift (cardigan, the last great american dynasty, exile, and seven on repeat + stuck in my head)

Celebrating // PT classmate’s bridal shower, my 27th birthday, 20 books finished in 2020, approval for my 7th custom wheelchair!

Learning // about my personal racial biases, working to be an antiracist, COVID-19 really isn’t going anywhere any time soon and we are all navigating a new normal, how fortunate and blessed I am to have had the loving and supportive parents that I have (perspective via Educated)

Buying // Roku, new Happy Planner product, Olive and June nail polish, Sephora birthday order (had to get that free birthday gift)

Current Events // via wikipedia
[4] Kanye West announces his campaign in the US presidential election via Twitter
[13] Washington Redskins announce decision to change team nickname and logo after decades of criticism
[16] NFL announces 72 players have tested positive for COVID-19
[17] civil rights activist and Congressman John Lewis dies of pancreatic cancer, age of 80
[22] Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issues a statewide mandate requiring masks to be worn indoors and outdoors whenever social distancing isn’t possible
[24] Cleveland Indians open 2020 season with win at home against Kansas City Royals
[25] record high temperature of 21.7° C (71.1° F) is recorded on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard
[31] Trump announces his intentions to ban TikTok from operating in the US

Monthly Mood Board //

Until tomorrow, Meryn