The Song of Achilles
Author: Madeline Miller
Publication Date: August 2012
Genre: historical fiction, fantasy
Method: audiobook via TPL

Look, it pains me that I’m not rating this 5 stars. Mentally, I was ready to cry, I wanted that for me. I was ready and willing. But we just didn’t get there, bestie. It was a solid 5 star up until The Trojan War then it was just a snooze fest, I’m sorry. So incredibly well written and a great story, but it just didn’t deliver to the extreme level of hype. I needed 50% less war and battles and 75% more romance. Like I’m just not convinced in this love story, there were beautiful tender moments but I needed more! Alas, 3.5 stars rounded down

Point Your Face at This: Drawings
Author: Demetri Martin
Publication Date: March 2013
Genre: humor
Method: paperback borrowed from TPL

While I appreciate the comedic genius that is Demetri Martin, I didn’t find this as captivating as This Is a Book. Nevertheless, it was fun and entertaining, another quickie little read! Am I better person having read this? Actually, yes, I’d say so. So, 3.5 stars, idk, it just seems far, okay?

Author: Kwon Yeo-Sun
Publication Date: August 2019
Genre: fiction, mystery
Method: hardcover borrowed from TPL

Grabbed this from the library in celebration of Women in Translation Month, buuuuuuut I just don’t get it. For such a short book, it took me over a week to muddle through. I was intrigued at times but overall just felt like this was too disjointed, for me. It was ok, according to Goodreads that equates to a 2 star rating
Buzzword Readathon: August selection

The It Girl
Author: Ruth Ware
Publication Date: July 2022
Genre: mystery, thriller
Method: audiobook via TPL

I was nervous going into this because academic/campus thrillers aren’t really my thing but Ruth Ware did not let me down, 5 stars. Thank you thank you thank you. We’ve got a good list of my favorite things going on here: a large cast of characters, a group of college friends, a pregnancy that doesn’t drive the plot, nostalgic Scotland setting, book and bookstore references, 2 jaw dropping twists, and a likable main character, thank goodness. I love you Ruth Ware, but I can only take so many drunk and depressed main characters (I know, it’s not just you). It felt nice to be captivated by a book in that I blasted through the last 5 hours at 2.0 speed, staying up until 2 am because I just had to know what happened. It doesn’t beat out The Death of Mrs. Westaway, but it ranks in the #2 spot for Ruth Ware. 5 down, 2 to go!

Everyone In This Room Will Someday Be Dead
Author: Emily Austin
Publication Date: July 2021
Genre: contemporary fiction
Method: audiobook via TPL

Picked this up as I was influenced by Kayla from Books and Lala, because when am I not?? I really tend to dislike (basically hate) the miscommunication trope in romance novels but this entire plot being drive by misunderstanding, miscommunication, and misidentification with our lesbian, atheist main character accidentally working at a Catholic church was brilliant and poignant. I just loved every layer of this book, from Gilda’s family drama, to her train wreck of a ‘relationship’ with Giuseppe, to the mystery surrounding the death of church’s receptionist. The struggles Gilda shares with depression and anxiety felt so real on the page, similar in tone to Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and A Man Called Ove. I’m excited to read more from this author!

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