Reading // Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero, Governor Mike DeWine’s tweets for Ohio COVID-19 coverage

Planning // the first posts of my new blog, Goodwill donation (never happened), to vote in the primaries absentee ✔, to complete the 2020 census online ✔

Watching // Tiger King on Netflix, classic Disney movies (Beauty and the Beast, The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella), Patrick McDonald’s “Coronda Chronicles” on Instagram (article by Travel + Leisure here), COVID-19 news coverage, DeWine’s daily 2PM press conferences, Tik Toks (fell down that rabbit hole real quick during self-quarantine)

Cooking // Half Baked Harvest 5 ingredient beer bread, The Defined Dish tomato basil soup from her cookbook, The Food Lab lasagna (similar recipe here)

Eating // all of our meals at home, meatloaf, chicken stir fry, corn beef and cabbage, salmon, soup on Sundays

Drinking // iced coffee from Biggby, Key Lime La Croix, Black Cherry Waterloo, my own creation of vanilla almond milk foam with cinnamon poured over hot or ice coffee with a drizzle of honey

Pinning // content about starting a blog, Whole30 foods and recipes, color palettes

Crafting // coloring Paige Poppe printable coloring pages, blog posts, weekly happy planner layouts, at home workouts

Going // only to work, Kroger, Biggby and Arby’s drive thru, on lots of walks around the neighborhood, also Oak Openings and at the local reservoir

Loving // time spent with Kyle, art journaling and writing, stretching after my at home workouts, the consistency and accountability of my daily habit trackers, bubbles and bath bombs, finding hand written notes from Kyle around the apartment, inspirational quotes and art throughout Instagram

Dreaming // for the end of COVID-19 and quarantine, of traveling locally and regionally, of going to my favorite local coffee shops (Maddie and Bella Coffee Roasters, Black Kite Coffee) and restaurants (Fleetwood’s Tap Room, The Heights, El Vaquero) post-COVID

Feeling // scared, anxious, uneasy, fear but also hope, pride, strength, solidarity

Listening // Music: Pumped Pop playlist on Spotify, Alec Benjamin, The Fray, Adele’s album 25. Podcasts: The Financial Confessions, Live Free Creative, NPR’s Hidden Brain, The Goal Digger Podcast, The Latte Factor Podcast, Craft a Life You Love, Crafty Ass Female

Celebrating // starting new daily habits (flossing, dishes at the end of the day), purchased my first individual stocks and index funds, starting my blog!

Supporting // Paige Poppe, Worthwhile Paper, Kammock

Until tomorrow, Meryn

Image Sources:
Mike DeWine press conference
Patrick McDonald and Coronda the Mannequin
Painted letter D by Steffi Lynn
Happy Planner quote

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