I must admit, this project is starting to feel stale, which is to be expected I suppose, and maybe the point? I’m still loving the movement through the rainbow by way of the monochromatic collages but I’m getting kind of sick of looking through the same sticker books. I’m getting close to the end of the journal I started in and will need to start a second book in the next week or so which is exciting.

One of my fears was that I would feel like I was ‘wasting’ stickers but as the project has progressed, I’ve realized I’m primarily selecting decorative stickers I would never use otherwise i.e. stickers with off the wall quotes or very specific themes I don’t particularly like. For the most, part I’ve been saving the functional stickers as those are what I actually see myself using in planner spreads and projects in the future.

If anything, this project has taught me that I have thousands more stickers than any one person could ever use. I remind myself that, if history is to repeat itself, MAMBI and The Happy Planner will continue to create beautiful and useful stickers – really it just keeps getting better and better, so #usethedamnstickers.

Until tomorrow, Meryn


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