Yes, it’s true. I gave up and didn’t finish #the100dayproject. Technically, the project is still going on, but I haven’t made or posted a cluster since June 1st which was day 56.

On June 2nd, the diverse and colorful world of Instagram came to halt when thousands and thousands of accounts posted a single black box for what would become known as #BlackoutTuesday. According to The New York Times, Jamila Thomas and Brianna Agyemang, two Black women in the music marketing industry, proposed the music industry hold a day of reflection after the death of George Floyd. The movement quickly took off, expanding beyond the music industry to all facets of Instagram, to celebrities, major brands, and common, everyday users.

In an attempt to show solidarity for racial justice and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, I didn’t post my day 57 cluster. By Wednesday I could have returned to posting my daily clusters, but I just didn’t feel called or motivated to do so. I was getting bored of my project as is, so I quit. Simple as that. And I have not regrets.

Overall I’m glad I participated in the project. It was a fun way to dig around my washi and sticker collection and a means to use some of the stickers I knew I wouldn’t use otherwise e.g. anything mom life related. The page by page, monochromatic story wasn’t my initial plan, but I love how it came together in the end.

Until tomorrow, Meryn


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