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I mean obviously, since you’re reading this blogpost right now. But honestly, I don’t know if I would have actually taken the plunge and started this personal blog without the onset of a global pandemic this past March. I didn’t really know what blogging would bring, but at the very least I knew that this season of life was going to be worth writing about – because never in my life did I think I’d live through a viral pandemic. It’ll be interesting to reflect on this time and go back and read old blogposts let’s say, 20 years from now.

I’m proud of myself for sticking to this new creative outlet. It’s hard to believe I’m almost to 30 posts since March! Right now, I’m totally content just posting whenever I want, writing about what’s going on in my life and the world. Some day it would be cool to generate some passive income off of ads, but I haven’t really looked into that just yet. For now, I’m having fun reflecting and writing on life as I know it.

Happy Planner daily fitness planner
Happy Planner daily journal

I started out very strong on this one, keeping up week to week with creative journaling in my big horizontal neutral and my vertical fitness/wellness Happy Planners. I was spending a lot of time being creative and was really keeping up with this practice through about the end of May, then work really ramped back up in June and hasn’t really slowed since (which I am so grateful for). But as a result, I am about a month behind in my fitness/wellness planner and a week behind in my daily journaling planner.

I really love the accountability my fitness/wellness planner gives me. It’s played a small, but important, roll in my weight loss journey this year. I find it so motivating to flip back through and see the progress I’ve made, physically and mentally. More on that can be found here.

Card/invitation ring book
Beer stickers pocket pages
Travel stickers pocket pages

I haven’t forgotten about this goal, I just haven’t prioritized it at all. I think what is holding me back, at least with the beer and travel stickers pocket pages, is that I don’t want to unload a ton of money into something and not be certain that I’m going to love the end result. I also feel like maybe it’s not the right time to spend money on a non-essential hobby or craft, amidst this pandemic. Part of me also questions how much use or enjoyment a beer or travel sticker scrapbook will get. On one hand, I’m sure I’ll enjoy making it and flipping through it, but on the other, I don’t really expect my partner to have much interest. But at the same time, all these stickers are just sitting in a box otherwise, so why not have them displayed in a scrapbook, binder type system? Can you tell I’m still on the fence? To be continued.

One Line a Day (OLAD) journal

Another project I started out really strong, only ever getting a few days behind on but always catching back up. Then something happened around May that threw off my whole routine – we moved our couch in the living room. This sounds so insignificant, I know, but what happened as a result was that I spent more time on my laptop while sitting on the couch versus sitting at my desk (where I keep my OLAD journal). This all happened at the same time work was getting busy, so I wasn’t getting to my daily journaling in my big Happy Planner, and thus my OLAD journal was being neglected. I’m all caught up right now but I could definitely be better about sitting at my desk and getting back into the practice of daily journaling.

Letterfolk passport update
2018 South Dakota/Wyoming road trip Mixbook
2019 Denver, Colorado trip vacation Mixbook
2020 Breckenridge ski vacation Mixbook

This is another set of projects I go back and forth on. I made a Mixbook of my 2018 trip to Europe, which I enjoyed doing, but how often do I look back through the photo book? 1 to 2 times per year? This is a project I’ll probably hold off until the fall/winter time anyways. I worked on the 2018 Europe book during the NFL season, a good two birds with one stone kinda deal. Will be even have professional football this fall? Now that’s a different story altogether.

Until tomorrow, Meryn



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