A review and rating of the last 5 books I read and a look into my TBR list

His Only Wife
Author: Peace Adzo Medie
Publication Date: October 2020
Genre: fiction
Method: hardcover, borrowed from TPL

Review: What a joy it was to travel to Ghana through the pages of this book. I loved the imagery of the lavish lifestyle Afi immerses herself in along with the culture, food, and fashion of Ghana. I also found myself doing some side reading and research about traditional Ghanaian names (linked here) which was also very interesting. Afi is the strong, independent female lead I didn’t know I needed in 2020 – but glad to now know her. I admired her strong will, resiliency, and dedication to creating her own happiness, especially in the face of adversity. I plan to read Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi in 2021, also set primarily in Ghana.

In Five Years
Author: Rebecca Serle
Publication Date: March 2020
Genre: fiction, romance, contemporary
Method: hardcover, borrowed from TPL

Review: I feel bamboozled. What I thought I was getting, having read the synopsis, was a cute love story about a woman whose five year plan doesn’t go as planned. What I got instead was a book about grief, while grieving. What is wild is I didn’t even understand how much I was grieving, until it became very clear that grief was a major theme in this story. On one hand I feel frustrated in that a story centered around grief related to health/mortality was not what I was looking to read at a time likes this (e.g. COVID19 viral pandemic). But at the same time, this may have been divine intervention because a book about grief is/may be exactly what I needed. Frustration aside, the twists and turns were unexpected, I felt pain and sorrow for the characters, and the final reveal took me by surprise. 4 out of 5 stars.

Pretty Little Wife
Author: Darby Kane
Publication Date: December 2020
Genre: thriller, suspense
Method: hardback from BOTM subscription

Review: This one came close, but it just missed the mark for a 5/5 rating. Some low level uneasiness and apprehension, but no jaw dropping moments nor heart palpitations (I’m looking at you, Home Before Dark), so it’s a 4/5 from me. The pace was excellent – the perfect balance of flashforwards and flashbacks sandwiched between suspenseful chapter endings. The author did a great job of leading the reader to possible suspects and eventual dead ends. I had low expectations going into this one after being semi-disappointed in my previous 2 suspense BOTM picks, so I call this one a win!

In a Holidaze
Author: Christina Lauren
Publication Date: October 2020
Genre: romance, holiday
Method: paperback, borrowed from TPL

Review: A quick, heart warming holiday read. The first couple of chapters felt a little choppy trying to keep all the characters straight but after getting a handle on the various family trees, I flew through it. Definitely some laugh out loud moments and tugs at the heart strings. A feel good pick for the holiday season! Also, would love to see this made into a Hallmark film, just putting it out there.

The Truths We Hold
Author: Kamala Harris
Publication Date: August 2020
Genre: nonfiction, politics, autobiography
Method: paperback, borrowed from TPL

Review: I didn’t have any expectations going into this book. When the election was officially called for Joe and Kamala, I requested this book from the library, surprised when it didn’t have a long wait list! Simply put, I learned a lot having cracked open this book. The chapters were dense and it took some time to get through, but I found it to be very, very informative. Topics discussed included: prison reform, gay and marriage rights, the foreclosure crisis, police brutality, DACA, the American health care system, the opioid crisis, war on drugs, Affordable Care Act, and big pharma.

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