And just like that, we’re already a quarter of the way through the year! In this blogpost I’ll be sharing facts and figures from the past 3 months, reflecting on my 2021 reading goals and intentions, as well as my 30 book 2021 TBR!

Facts and Figures

Non-fiction: 9
Autobiographical: 4
Feminism: 1
Race: 1

Fiction: 15
Crime, suspense, thrillers: 6
Fantasy: 1
Fiction: 4
Historical fiction: 1
Romance: 1
Science fiction: 2

Physical books: 14
Audiobooks: 10
Library books: 21

Book of the Month purchases: 1
Buddy reads: 3
Buzzword Readathon challenge: 7
2021 releases: 1
2020 releases: 4
5 star reads: 6

Reading Goals + Intentions

1 | Backlist titles from 2020 favorite authors: Goal met
In this goal I specifically called out The Ghost Bride and Everything I Never Told You, both of which I read this first quarter of the year.

2 | 2021 releases from 2020 favorite authors: No progress
Haven’t been able to check any of these books of the list yet. Of the 4 titles mentioned, none of them have released yet this year.
☐ Alex Michaelides’ The Maidens, to release June 1st
☐ Casey McQuiston’s One Last Stop, to release June 1st
☐ Riley Sager’s Survive the Night, to release July 6th
☐ Paula Hawkin’s A Slow Fire Burning, to release August 31st

3 | New to me authors: Ongoing
Of the 8 authors listed, I’ve only read from Fredrik Backman so far this year, but that should change in the next 3 months. My reading plans for the #buzzwordathon challenge should have me knocking off Leigh Bardugo and Stuart Turton by next quarterly update.
☒ Fredrik Backman
☐ Leigh Bardugo
☐ Alice Feeney
☐ Lisa Jewel
☐ Lars Kepler
☐ Jo Nesbø
☐ Stuart Turton
☐ Ruth Ware

4 | Author diversity and inclusion: Ongoing
Excellent progress thus far, if I do say so myself. I specifically mentioned wanting to read from more BIPOC and queer authors. Of the 24 books I’ve read, 12 are titles by BIPOC authors and 1 identifies as queer. I specifically mentioned four BIPOC mystery/thriller authors I wanted to explore:
☒ Oyinkan Braithwaite
☐ S.A. Cosby
☒ Eva García Sáenz
☐ David Heska Wanbli Weiden

5 | Genres and reading format: Ongoing
The genres I mentioned wanting to explore more in 2021 included comedy, poetry, memoirs, non-fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. So far, the genres I haven’t hit this year are comedy, poetry, and memoirs. In this goal I also made the intention of reading more audiobooks and there’s no doubt I’ve met that goal. Of the 24 books I’ve read so far this year, 10 I read as audiobooks!

6 | Buddy reads: Ongoing
For buddy reads with my brother, I mentioned 3 books, Recursion, which we read, Let My People Go Surfing which we are currently reading, and Atomic Habits, which I’m sure we’ll get to sometime in the year.

For buddy reads with my BFF, we’ve read and discussed My Sister, the Serial Killer and I’m currently holding us back from discussing Homegoing because she’s finished it and I just haven’t prioritized it yet. Strike me God if I haven’t finished Homegoing by the next update.

7 | General goals: Ongoing
☐ 24 books (goal 60 books)
☐ 7,491 pages (goal 20,000 pages)
☐ 1 book about race/racism (goal 5 books)

To Be Read List

Of the 30 books on this list, I’ve managed to knock off 5 of them, which is only 16.66%. But in my defense, 4 of them haven’t even been published yet. Of what’s left, I own 8 of them, 1 I have requested from the library and I’m first off the list once I unfreeze my hold (The Midnight Library), and another I can borrow from a friend. When looking at the list, the only book I’m not really interested in is American Dirt – I’ve read some mixed reviews and critique related to cultural appropriation. Other than that, this entire list excited me and I’m excited to chip away at it more and more this year!

Overall I’m happy with what I’ve read so far and the progress I’ve made towards my goals and intentions. I need to slow down on the library books and really get to the books I own on my bookshelves and the books lent to me by friends, but I just love the Toledo Public Library so much, it’s hard to stay away.

Until tomorrow, Meryn

Original blogpost READING GOALS + TBR LIST // 2021 linked here



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