Birthday weekend camping trip near Brighton, Michigan (Brewery Becker and Bourbons Brighton), packing and moving out our of first apartment, last minute purchases for our road trip


Tomato basil frittata, grilled hot dogs, baked beans, and pasta salad for Father’s Day


Double dates at Twin Oast Brewing, The Heights, and Bronze Boar, Garden Harvest, Mr. Freeze sundaes for Father’s Day, authentic Amish donuts in Pennsylvania


Sibling Revelry Brewing’s Blood Brood, Twin Oast’s Kellys Island Pilsner, Ship Burner, and Legitimate Swells, Wilhelm Winery (Hadley, PA) samples and Fredonia


Many trips to the library, Twin Oast Brewing, Delaware, OH for PT classmate wedding, The Lodge in Pennsylvania for the annual Fourth of July pig roast


Audiobooks, exploring new coffee shops, new library books, double dates with friends, Book of the Month subscription


Color coordinated book collages, an aesthetic bookstagram


Again, but always, moments of calm and serenity surrounded by beautiful landscapes and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the next chapter, together


Relieved finally announcing my resignation, excited for this next chapter, proud of our courage and gusto for quitting our jobs, foraging our own path, thankful for the support from family, friends, and coworkers

Listening // Books + Podcasts

Listening // Music

Albums: SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo, Normal People soundtrack
Spotify Playlists: Today’s Top Hits, 2020 Half Marathon Jams, Grand Teton by Parks Project


Wedding of two PT classmates, resignation from my first PT job, 49 books read in the first half of the year, coworkers 30th birthday, 100 followers on this blog and over 1,000 views


As an employee, you are always dispensable and replaceable to your employer


More bike shorts from Old Navy, sports bras from Aerie, vintage America’s National Parks book for our trip, pre-ordered Riley Sager’s new thriller Survive the Night

Monthly Mood Board

Until next time, Meryn


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