The last week of June 2021, we announced our resignations from our full time jobs with a plan to travel the US for 3 months, embarking on what affectionately became known as our National Park road trip

One year later, during the last week of June 2022, we closed on our first home

Wild what can happen in a year’s time

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we’ve done literally the most impossible thing in 2022

We bought a house at asking price

In a post pandemic market dominated by bidding wars

Where houses are under contract the same day as listing

Selling 30 to 40k over asking

With buyers waiving home inspections



Incredibly, we didn’t have any of that

And we did it on our own with no financial assistance

My second greatest accomplishment in life

And now the count down until we take possession in mid August

While I dread the thought of packing and moving

We both are so excited for this next chapter in our lives together as homeowners

Winning lottery numbers would be much appreciated

We have a lawn mower, washer, and dryer at the top of our to buy list

(Because we already bought a smoker)

Until next time, Meryn


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