Less than 2 weeks until we move into our first home. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of everything I’m excited for, and the idyllic, perfect life I think homeownership will bring

I’m excited to:

→ just listen to and have music playing
[ can’t tell you the last time I’ve listen to The Wombats, The Format, or Young the Giant ]

→ have an overflowing candle collection to burn year round

→ showcase my collection of art

→ more drawing, more writing, more painting

→ display and utilize our cookbook collection

→ organize and style my books

→ create a home bar with thrifted and vintage glassware

→ dive into the art of craft cocktails

→ drink more ice water

→ meal prep and meal plan weekly

→ Soup Sundays
[ aka football Sundays ]

→ hang bird feeders and and bird watch

→ make thoughtful and ecosystem-conscious decisions for garden and landscaping
[ the monarch butterfly is now deemed endangered ]

→ keep a clean and tidy home

→ purge school papers and streamline file folders

→ organize and keep a home binder

→ monthly check ins, personal, financial, house

Until next time, Meryn