And just like that, we are over 25 days into this project! Overall I would definitely say I’m happy with the project I picked. It’s simple, quick, and rarely leaves me feeling regret or second guessing my work. What started out as a random smattering of stickers and washi tape has turned into a simple but eye-catching monochromatic collage, progressing through the rainbow day by day, page by page. I have loved flipping through my Happy Planner supplies, hunting for and collecting one specific color – it has made the project easy and very straightforward, requiring 15 minutes or less each day. Below is a selection of some of my favorite monochromatic clusters so far, in rainbow order, of course.

As I got into the groove of this project, I started to see the similarities in this paper craft to what Amy Tangerine shares. Her craft projects are always very colorful and rainbow inspired, have layers and multiple pieces or embellishments. Here are a few examples from her instagram feed and the youtube video that I think was the unconscious inspiration for my project:

Moving forward I want to focus on the monochromatic clusters and collages because honestly those are the pages I love to flip through and I love seeing the rainbow build and flow from page to page – it creates a really fun visual experience (at least for me). I must admit I am getting kind of nervous because some of my Happy Planner sticker books are looking bare, which is good because that was the point, to use what I have in an attempt to not hoard. So far, I’d been selecting and including stickers that I didn’t think I would ever really use otherwise, but sooner or later, I’ll have exhausted those cast offs. Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Until tomorrow, Meryn


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