As expected, the first half of my week was spent eating Sunday’s leftover soup and the pizza meatballs and dipping sauce I made. I’m not complaining, I have no issue with eating leftovers – I just try to change up what I pair with them for some variety. The egg bake/casserole I made over the weekend in the pie pan was surprisingly bomb. The red potato layered bottom made it so fun and beautiful – I plan to make another in the coming week! I’ve also been enjoying what I’m going to call a warm harvest salad – a blend of raw lettuce and kale topped with roasted sweet potatoes and carrots with seasoned ground meat on top, paired with whatever compliant dressing or sauce I’m trying to finish up. If you haven’t been able to tell, in no way am I a picky eater and I’m always game just to throw whatever on a plate and dig in (at least during a whole30).

Day 15 // leftover pizza meatballs with homemade mashed red potatoes
recipe inspiration via Healthy Little Peach blogpost

Day 16 // more leftover pizza meatballs with sweet potato and sauteed kale
recipe inspiration via Healthy Little Peach blogpost

Day 18 // ground turkey over boston lettuce and kale salad with roasted carrots and sweet potato

Day 19 // Chipotle Whole30 approved salad

Day 20 // egg casserole with red potato layers topped with kale, onion, and bacon

Day 21 // zuppa toscana soup
recipe inspiration from The Defined Dish blogpost

Until tomorrow, Meryn


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